Crescent Roofing Sky Lights / Roof Lights, brings daylight into traditionally low or
no-light interiors.

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Sky Lights / Roof Lights

The Art of Roofing

  1. We choose high quality products, fitting all types of Velux roof windows, sky lights, domes and tunnels.
  2. This can be an excellent way of bringing more natural light into your home or office space. We can provide this service without renewing your roof. Our employees have the skill and experience to fit these products resulting in a superior, seamless finish.
  3. Roof lights and windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes; we can help you choose the right products to suit your property.
  4. Alternatively, if you have dark spaces in your property a Sky Tunnel can efficiently channel daylight into areas which would otherwise be cut off from natural light. A flexible or ridged tube is used to bring light into large or small areas, especially suitable for properties with higher ceilings.
  5. We tailor our solutions to meet your needs and only use the best products.

Crescent Roofing Ltd. is an approved fitter of Sola Skylights, providing an energy efficient solution suitable for both commercial and residential properties.

Our services include:



Sky Tunnels

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